Bullet Train Movie Review (2023)

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What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Bullet Train is an extremely bloody, violent action thriller starring Brad Pitt about criminals and murderers who are trying to kill each other and stay alive on a high-speed Japanese train. It's weightless but well made and a fun ride, if you're mature enough for the content. Violence is almost comically intense, with guns and shooting, heavy blood sprays, knives, swords, and punching. Characters die, and a child is in peril. A person's face is blown off, and another's face is impaled with a meat hook. Poisoned characters bleed from their eye sockets and vomit before dying. Language is also strong, with frequent use of "f--k," "motherf----r," "s--t," "a--hole," and more. There's a brief but graphic sex scene that shows a woman on all fours and a man thrusting from behind her. Another couple kiss in bed. There's brief drug-related dialogue, wine at a wedding, and sleeping powder in a bottle of water.

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PSX Adult

August 9, 2022

age 16+

Silly good fun! But the violence is a bit much...

Bullet Train stars Brad Pitt as a wisecracking assassin who is sent on a mission to obtain a briefcase; only it's not as simple as it seems. The film is shot beautifully and is entertainingly stylish! It's funny, but not hilarious. As for the content, it's not for young teens and DEFINITELY NOT for kids. Violence is the worst offender of the lot; there's a high body count. Gallons of blood are on display with some throat slicing, graphic stabbings, fatal gunshots, and head explosions. One man's head is completely demolished when hit by a train sign, another has a chunk of his face completely removed and it's as violent as it sounds. It's mostly played as comedic, but it is so excessive that it becomes bothersome. Profanity is overshadowed by the foul play, but is still there and is quite rough; most of them come from two characters, the "Twins." F-bombs are casually dropped and it's probably near the three digit count. Other milder terms include d**k, s***, a**hole, and more. Sexual content is brief, but extremely unnecessary; it adds nothing to the story. In the first 10 minutes, two random characters have sex with the man being behind the woman; thankfully graphic nudity is blocked by a window and it lasts two seconds. Other PG-13 scale sex references are said infrequently. There's smoking, a single drug reference, and some alcohol consumption as well. Overall, Bullet Train is a very fun time that more than entertains; although, its last 20 minutes go off the rails and isn't half as fun as the rest of the film. I'd say teens 16 and up, if they're (or you are) fine with the numbing violence and excessive profanity.

This title has:

Too much violence

Too much swearing

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kingiskool27 Adult

November 19, 2022

age 11+

Movie Is Excellent!!But Not Recommended For Kids Under 11..This Movie Is Like A Deadpool Type Of Movie, The One That Has A Kill Every Moment Or Now, Swearing For Every Bad Situation Sentence And Very Huge Comedy. Sure, There Are Some Favourite Character Deaths But 11+ Or 11 Itself Can Watch It With Parental Guidence.

This title has:

Educational value

Great role models

Too much violence

Too much swearing

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What's the Story?

In BULLET TRAIN, a career criminal codenamed "Ladybug" (Brad Pitt) has spent some time working on self-reflection and trying to live a more peaceful existence. But now he's preparing for his latest job: snatching a briefcase from a bullet train that runs between Tokyo and Kyoto. Unfortunately, the gig isn't so simple. "Tangerine" (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and "Lemon" (Brian Tyree Henry) are supposed to deliver the case, along with a warlord's son (Logan Lerman), but they lose both. And "The Prince" (Joey King) is blackmailing a man (Andrew Koji) into helping assassinate the warlord, who's also known as The White Death. Meanwhile, someone is poisoning people with snake venom, and a killer is seeking revenge. Is all of it somehow connected? And can Ladybug get out of this mess alive?

Is It Any Good?

With gleefully excessive violence and little depth, this oversized action thriller executes its many moving parts with skill, but it's Pitt's dopey, languid performance that keeps the balance. Directed by David Leitch and based on a novel by Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train is a little like a multiple-character heist movie such as Ocean's Eleven or Logan Lucky, except that the why and how is less important than the what, which in this case is the fight scenes. The movie delights in pitting its many trained fighters and killers against as many obstacles as possible. Suspense is generated when characters sometimes come back from certain defeat (such as one who's thrown off the train, jumps back onto its tail end, and then tries to work his way back inside) or when a previously planted item -- like a poisonous snake -- pops up again.

Thunderous, nonstop movies filled with constant fighting can get exhausting -- see Free Fire, for example -- but director Leitch, a former stunt performer and coordinator who turned to filmmaking with John Wick, has a good sense of rhythm. His stops and starts, flashbacks and reveals all effectively build a rhythm that flows and doesn't feel oppressive. But Pitt is the secret weapon. Ladybug can certainly fight, but the character is more of a talker than a fighter, and he's forever looking for ways to make things easier on himself. His laid-back quality adds a soft, sweet center to a hard, crunchy movie. (Henry's character's passion for Thomas the Tank Engine is also a nice, sweet touch.) All in all, Bullet Train may disappear into the horizon fairly soon after viewing, but it's a fun ride while it lasts.

Talk to Your Kids About ...

  • Families can talk about Bullet Train's violence. How did it make you feel? Was it exciting? Shocking? What did the movie show or not show to achieve this effect? Why is that important?

  • Ladybug is convinced that he has "biblically" bad luck, while The Prince is convinced that she has equally good luck. Is good or bad luck real, or does one's fortune have more to do with outlook and attitude?

  • Ladybug talks a great deal about finding opportunities for peace within violence. Is he ever able to do that? If so, how?

  • What is the nature of revenge? What is, or isn't, achieved by an act of revenge?

  • Lemon talks about how everyone is a character from Thomas the Tank Engine. Do you agree with this view? Why, or why not?

Movie Details

  • In theaters: August 5, 2022
  • On DVD or streaming: December 3, 2022
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Zazie Beetz
  • Director: David Leitch
  • Studios: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Topics: Book Characters, Trains
  • Run time: 152 minutes
  • MPAA rating: R
  • MPAA explanation: strong and bloody violence, pervasive language, and brief sexuality
  • Last updated: February 17, 2023


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