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Gladiator Fuel Trailers: Gladiator fuel trailers are specially built to support heavy full fuel tank loads. Gladiator™ fuel trailers are built to exacting standards and built to last. Fuel trailers have additional support members under the trailer to ensure that the trailer does not sag, bend or distort. Gladiator™ trailers are very sophisticated fuel tanks with deluxe fittings and equipment for fueling and defueling. Models are available for fueling aircraft, transferring fuels to vehicles and tanks and virtually any fueling need.These quality fuel trailers have numerous standard features that are options on other brands. We also have an extensive list of options and we do custom work too!
These trailers are built by world leaders in the manufacturing of industrial fuel trailer units. and high-quality mobile fuel storage solutions. This refueling equipment provides refueling for diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel (JP-8), E-85 (Ethanol), biodiesel, kerosene and other fuel products meeting Class 3 combustible requirements. These products are designed to improve refueling operations by providing on-site mobility and fueling in all weather conditions. All products meet or exceed DOT standards for lights, brakes, reflectors, safety equipment, load capacity ratings, decals, and signage.
Originally designed for the rigorous conditions of off-road functionality in mind, the units are built using heavy-duty axles and suspension for maximum durability. The tanks will handle diesel fuel and other fuel products meeting Class 3 combustible requirements. All units are manufactured to meet or exceed DOT safety standards, for lights, brakes, reflectors, safety equipment, heavy duty axles, heavy duty tires, load capacity, decals, and signage. Baffled tanks are manufactured to provide years of service and include 2" fill hole/pressure vent (PV-2), inspection hole and drain plug.
All units with pumps utilize UL explosion proof heavy-duty pumps, UL hose, and durable automatic shut-off nozzles for refueling equipment. These fuel trailers are manufactured using very heavy duty 6-channel frame (7 channel for the 750 and 1000 gallon units) for long product life and durability. Typical trailer ratings are 170% of gross trailer weight for the 500-gallon unit and 130% for the 1000-gallon unit. These units are not approved nor intended for interstate fuel transport. You cannot legally, fuel up the unit and tow it with the tank full of fuel from state to state. Gladiator fuel trailers are designed for onsite use, with intermittent road use but they are roadworthy.
Gladiator fuel trailers are equipped with a mounting interface for a hose reel, onboard battery system, and power converter system, in the event you wish to retrofit any of these options at a later time. The 4 corner D-rings on our frames provide weather or transport tie-down capability. Each ring has a load strength of 6,000 lbs, for a total rating of 24,000 lbs. We can also offer larger D-ring's to increase the tie-down rating to 60,000 lbs. All units are also equipped with a tank gauge and a hose rack (dual rack if a split tank), holding up to 30' of hose. Hose lengths 35' and greater require the use of a hose reel.

Our standard units are equipped with a 12 VDC pump. The pump gets its power from the alternator of your towing vehicle, connected via the tow package. The optional onboard battery system is available and when fully charged, the battery can provide enough power to pump 500 gallons of fuel before needing to be recharged. A power converter for use with your own generator converts the generator's 115VAC power to 12 VDC or an 115VAC pump. DC generators are also available.

Many options are available, Please see the Options windows above for the most common options. Other options are available depending on how and where the unit will be used (brake type, tire type, higher pump GPM, types of hose such as marina or aviation, single or double wall stainless tanks, secondary containment, double-wall, manually operated parking brake, AC pump system, Velcon filter system, static reel, sump, spare tire/wheel/mount, onboard battery, on-generator, power converter to utilize generator power when towing vehicle is not present, etc.
There are many other options available that are not listed on our product sheets (military requirements, steel or stainless tanks with sump, etc.), so please do not hesitate to let us know what your application requires. We can build any fuel or generator trailer that you require, to our design or your custom design.

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION OF EACH TRAILER BY SELECTING PRICED OPTIONS TAB, then go to the yellow windows to select the trailer and options.

Many units are equipped with options on the options list. Spare tires and similar options are typically supplied on commercial and military units.

Typical Specifications - Select a trailer and add the Options you require. If you have special requirements let us know. We can build anything!

The picture below is a top mounted pump on a
500-gallon tank, with trailer and tool box.

The second unit on right shows spare tire kit.

Fuel Trailers, GeneratorJoe, Gladiator, Fuel Trailers, Gladiator™ (1)

The picture below is a top mounted pump on a
500-gallon tank, viewed from rear, showing various hoses,
reels and dispenser combinations.

Fuel Trailers, GeneratorJoe, Gladiator, Fuel Trailers, Gladiator™ (2)

Tanks: (typical, see individual trailer specs)
300, 500, 750 or 1000 gallon single-wall or double wall, rectangular or round, carbon or stainless steel tank, one tank or split tank, full top pump cage (see picture) or bottom mount pump. All tanks baffled and equipped typically as follows:
  • 3" or 4" fill and Trident vent system (inflow, outflow, and emergency venting)
  • Fusible plug
  • 1" drain plug in bottom end
  • 3" or 4" inspection hole
  • Fuel appropriate signage and placards: Diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel (JP-8), E-85 (Ethanol), biodiesel, kerosene or other Class 3 combustibles
  • Tank level gauge, stainless steel
Trailer: (typical, see individual trailer specs)
  • ~15' to 27' tandem axle trailer with electric brakes and battery breakaway
  • 14000# axles, 7000# each
  • 14000# brakes, 3500# each
  • 7-pin connector and wiring with loom
  • Hitch: choice among 2 5/16" ball coupler, 3" tow ring, or clevis
  • STR16D tires (steel belt trailer tires)
  • 12000# tires, 3000# each
  • Frame color: choice among red, black, white, medium blue, green, holly green, gray, tan, or cat yellow (some custom colors available)
  • Stainless steel ground rod with ground cable and clips
  • 50' single line static ground reel (y-line is also available)
  • Qty. (2) 40 BC fire extinguishers mounted inside front tool chest
Fueling equipment for EACH tank: (typical, see individual trailer specs)
  • 15-50 GPM 12 VDC UL or 115 VAC explosion proof pump, heavy-duty, 2 year warranty, top mount, one side equipped for E-85, one side for bio-diesel
  • Commercial filter assembly (water and particulates) and additional filter
  • Automatic shut-off nozzle with multi-plane swivel (one side E-85, one side bio-diesel)
  • 4-digit fuel meter with totalizer
  • 20-50' x 3/4-1" UL hose and spring-wound hose reel and nozzle holder
  • 15-50 GPM 12 VDC UL or 115 VAC explosion proof pump, heavy-duty, 2 year warranty, top mount, one side equipped for E-85, one side for bio-diesel
  • Stainless fittings
Other equipment available includes: (typical, see individual trailer specs)
  • On board battery system, 115 VAC charger, and 50’ outdoor cord
  • 48" front aluminum tool chest with lock
  • LED lights and reflectors
  • Swivel jack and safety chains
  • Wheel chocks and fuel spill kit
  • 4 corner D-rings for weather or transport tie-down
  • Courtesy step light

GladiatorTM Fuel Trailer Configurations*

#ModelGallonsTanksTank ShapeTank WallsTank Material
1GJGL-300-1-CYSW-CS 3001CylinderSWSteel
2GJGL-300-1-CYDW-CS 3001CylinderDWSteel
3GJGL-300-1-CYSW-SS 3001CylinderSWStainless Steel
4GJGL-300-1-CYDW-SS 3001CylinderDWStainless Steel
5GJGL-150/150-2-RTSW-CS 150/1502RectangularSWSteel
6GJGL-500-1-CYSW-CS 5001CylinderSWSteel
7GJGL-500-1-CYDW-CS 5001CylinderDWSteel
8GJGL-500-1-CYSW-SS 5001CylinderSWStainless Steel
9GJGL-500-1-CYDW-SS 5001CylinderDWStainless Steel
10GJGL-250/250-2-RTSW-CS 250/2502RectangularSWSteel
11GJGL-750-1-CYSW-CS 7501CylinderSWSteel
12GJGL-750-1-CYDW-CS 7501CylinderDWSteel
13GJGL-750-1-CYSW-SS 7501CylinderSWStainless Steel
14GJGL-750-1-CYDW-SS 7501CylinderDWStainless Steel
15GJGL-310/440-2-RTSW-CS 310/4402RectangularSWSteel
16GJGL-1000-1-CYSW-CS 10001CylinderSWSteel
17GJGL-1000-1-CYDW-CS 10001CylinderDWSteel
18GJGL-1000-1-CYSW-SS 10001CylinderSWStainless Steel
19GJGL-1000-1-CYDW-SS 10001CylinderDWStainless Steel

* Prices are shown on the priced options tab, USE TRAILER NUMBER (#) TO LOCATE TANK ON THE OPTION PRICE LIST.

GeneratorJoe also sells portable fuel tanks that mount on trailers 132 to 5,000 gallons. Each tank can be removed from the trailer. UL142, Stackable, and many other great features. Click > > Portable Fuel Tanks for more information.
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For Included Equipment, select the trailer in the yellow drop-down window and the trailer will show in the window. Click "Details" button and a screen will appear showing all the equipment included.

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What is the use of a fuel trailer? ›

Fuel tank trailers are built to hold liquids and dry materials for easy, safe transportation. They can transport a range of cargo, from milk to hazardous chemicals. The tank may be divided into different sections by partitions, allowing drivers to carry different materials in the same load.

Do trailers have fuel tanks? ›

That tank is likely a fuel tank for the truck's engine. It stores diesel fuel or gasoline that the engine uses to run. That's a diesel fuel tank. It's for the engine on the front of a refrigerated trailer.

How much fuel does a fuel trailer hold? ›

Typically, the capacity for petroleum fuel tank trailers ranges from 9000 to 9800 gallons capacity. They can be made up of several different compartments and are built as four and five compartment trailers.

How much extra fuel does towing a trailer use? ›

Estimates say that every 100 lbs. of extra weight in a truck decreases its fuel economy by two percent. So, it's not hard to imagine that towing a large trailer will create a much larger drop in your fuel economy. On top of that, there is drag to consider.


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