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“What’s with names anyway?” If you are one of those people who think that names don’t make much difference, then bet you are wrong. Why? Because once a name, will always be the name of the name that has been named that name. As confusing as it may sound, names hold deep meanings. Once you are named a name, your entire personality says it all, without even you knowing. If you are named a beautiful name, you are beautiful inside out. Be it beautiful names or cool names, names are important is all is to say.

Likewise, the character names in any anime series bring out the true nature of that character. A name can be named to different characters of various anime series, however, every name suits that character once it starts playing according to its name. Sometimes, once a name stays with us and always reminds us of that character, even though it’s a different character this time around.

All philosophy aside, this article will bring you the name meanings and if their personality really matches with their given name, from the popular anime series Black Clover.

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Black Clover Plot Synopsis of S1

Asta, the only one with no magic at all in a world full of magic, is one of the main protagonists. He dreams of becoming the next king of the Clover Kingdom. Brought up in an orphanage in the outskirts of Clover Kingdom, along with Yuno and other kids, both Asta and Yuno set off on the journey to becoming kings. Asta and Yuno claim each other as they are rivals for the king’s throne, a positive rivalry, of course, however, only one can become so.

Asta, who has no magic at all but has a strong physique and a devil residing in his five-leaf grimoire, or Yuno, who has in-born talent and a large amount of magic with a four-leaf grimoire, who will become the king?

At first, this series felt similar to the My Hero Academia series, but it really isn’t. Black Clover may sometimes feel like a series taken from different series, but it has its own amazing plot. A Japanese manga series created by Yūki Tabata, Black Clover released its first animated episode on 3 October 2017. A genre befitting for young boys (shōnen), the anime series has a total of 170 episodes as of yet and is on halt with no news for the second season.

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10 Black Clover Popular Titles:

1. Asta

Do you know the meaning of his name? Asta has somewhat similar meanings even in different origins. The names Astrid (divine beauty), Anastasia (resurrection), and Augusta (exalted, venerable, to increase) are shortened to Asta. In the Danish origin, the name Asta holds the meaning of divine strength, love, or star-like. In Latin origin, it is holy. And in Norse, the name means tree. Did you also know that the name Asta was made famous from the ‘Thin Man’ series? Some say, in demonology, the name Astaroth is the Great Duke of Hell. He is also a part of the trinity, alongside Beelzebub and Lucifer.

A hypothesis regarding the name Asta also states that his name may have been kept after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. With all the confusing meanings from not one or two but many different origins, we can conclude only one thing. That Asta’s name perfectly suits him. Whether he be a tree, where he tries to protect all who comes under him. Whether he be a star, where he shines the brightest. Whether he be holy; his higher thinking has saved his name.

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2. Yami

The opposite of Asta, the name Yami holds the meaning of ‘dark.’ The dark in the world of lights, Yami’s personality, and his magic abilities clearly represent his name. Yami’s name holds deep meanings and is actually suitable, seeing how he thinks things through. His magic lets no light in, and he feels like a moonless night. Coming from a different place, Yami’s large and intimidating physique goes well with the ‘darkness’ meaning of his name.

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3. Liebe

Originated from German origins, Liebe means “love” or “loved one.” Liebe is a Yiddish name of Germanic origin. Speaking of ‘loved one,’ Liebe was really loved by Licita. Even Asta could sense a faint smell of hate from Liebe, hate for someone because of someone! In this sense, Liebe is a name with the right meaning to the right character.

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4. Julius Novachrono

The last name of Julius’ can be divided into two. Nova, meaning ‘new’ in Latin, and Chrono, meaning ‘time’ in Greek. Isn’t the name perfectly suitable to Julius? As well known among the Black Clover fans, Julius Novachrono can control, manipulate and steal time, perfectly befitting of his name. Even the name Novachrono can be abbreviated as nice for N, optimism for O, vigour for V, awesome for A, creative for C, helpful for H, renowned for R, original for O, next for N, and optimistic for O. Don’t you think the name truly suits well with Julius, the current king of the Clover Kingdom?

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5. William Vangeance

The last name Vangeance sounds like ‘vengeance,’ doesn’t it? That is right. The captain of the Golden Dawn’s squad and the closest one to becoming the next king of the Clover Kingdom, William Vangeance’s name matches with his alter ego’s putative motives. There isn’t really any deep meaning to the name Vangeance, except for the fact that it can mean ‘vengeance’ or ‘revenge.’ However, the name ‘William’ means ‘strong-willed warrior’ and/or ‘resolute protector,’ William from the anime series really lives up to his name’s meaning.

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6. Licht

The ‘Licht’ surname is derived from German and Yiddish and means “light”. Additionally, the family name is used as an ornamental surname within Jewish communities (Yiddish: Licht) with the same meaning. When some of the episodes of Black Clover had glimpses of the Elf Tribe, and Licht included, the thought of tranquillity crossed in the minds of many. However, when Licht was resurrected, it was truly divine and terrifying at the same time. He truly is the light, as his name speaks of.

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7. Klaus Lunettes

In French, Lunette means ‘the moon’ and ‘idol’. In Latin, Lunette refers to the moon through the words Eluned and Luna. Whereas the first name Klaus is of German origin, meaning ‘Victory Of The People.’ This is a variation of Claus, which is a diminutive of Nicholas (Greek) “people of victory”.

Klaus’s personality may not seem that way at first, but he does live up to his name. His attitude of not wanting to accept Asta and Yuno at first was unacceptable. However, when he learns about their efforts, Klaus starts to treat them the same as him. Klaus also tends to be more loyal towards someone who’s higher in rank than him, such as his admiration for William Vangeance.

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8. Sol Marron

Do we love Sol? Of course. Do we know that Sol means ‘Sun?’ Maybe not? Sol Marron from Black Clover is an optimistic and misandrist character that one may not find easily. Her first name, Sol, means in Spanish and Portuguese ‘someone with a cheerful disposition.’ or Sol could also mean ‘Sun’ from Latin Sol. Whereas the name ‘Marron’ is an anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Mearáin, meaning a descendant of Mearán. The name originated in Monaghan and is similar to Merry. A Spanish word for ‘brown’, derived from the French marron ‘chestnut’. A diminutive name for a ram (Occitan Marro), a diminutive of Marre.
Too much information for today, right? Never mind that, then. Just so you know that ‘Sol’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘Marron’ is ‘Brown,’ which is truly what Sol Marron is, in Black Clover. Her brown appearance and her shining armor in the place of her personality match really well with her name.

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9. Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa’s plant magic, where she uses to generate and manipulate plants, is also used for offensive spells. Even her ‘True Plant Magic’ can manipulate real plants. Mimosa’s other magic abilities, such as the Creation spell, where she forms shape entities from plants and healing magic, magic used for recovery purposes, are also really suitable with her name.

Coming to the meaning of her name, the name Mimosa is originally a Latin name for ‘Tropical Tree,’ better known as the ‘touch-me-not’ plant. The word Mimosa is derived from the Greek word mimos, which means a child actor or make-believe actor, and the suffix -osa, which means resembling. Hence the meaning of Mimosa is ‘resembling acting’. It also has Spanish roots, which translate to ‘cuddly’. The name is also shared by a famous cocktail made with champagne and orange juice.

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10. Licita

In Spanish, the word Licita means “as per reason or with what is considered fair or reasonable”. It derives from the Latin word licitus, which means having been permitted. Licita’s name may confuse some, but thinking it back, her name is suited best with her situation. With reasonable considerations and a fair decision, she took in Liebe, gave him his name, and lives her best with what she’s got.

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